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Welcome to the memo proofing blog for Case Managers and other associated professionals in the medico-legal world.

memo is a unique company. We specialise in proof-reading and proof-editing reports and assessments in the medico-legal world. Founded by our owner Cathy Harris in 2019 (originally as Harris English Services) offering proofreading to Case Managers, we have grown to a team of 5, serving individuals and businesses within the medico-legal world.

So what makes us successful and sets us apart?

In-Depth Industry Knowledge

With over 4 years of specialised proofing behind us - there isn't a lot we don't know about report writing and formatting.

Our commitment to excellence in the industry is underpinned by being a proud supporter of the IRCM – learn more about why here.

Our Associates are A Specialised Team

Our team really know their stuff when it comes to the English language. We are made up of secondary English teachers, English graduates and qualified lawyers - all with a keen eye for detail and a love of clear and concise expression, we help check and craft efficient and accurate reports for our clients.

More Than Proofing - Our Services

Contact us today to find out how memo can help you.


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