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Why memo are proud to be an IRCM Supporter

memo have been working with Case Managers for over four years providing proofreading services, copy for websites, CV improvements, other correspondence and presentations as well as IT support and guidance as needed. In fact our Case Managers use us for a lot of services.

Over the years our understanding of what Case Management is and how transformative it can be for clients and their families has grown.

This knowlegde has enabled us to provide bespoke services for Case Managers. We know how busy Case Managers are and how they need to know that who they are using for their proofing understand the key elements of their role.

  • Privacy - it is of the utmost importance that client's details are never shared or disclosed. Our Case Managers are taken through memo's privacy procedures for full peace of mind. This information can also be found on our website here.

  • Time - we offer a 24hr turnaround service for those last minute reports.

  • Terminology - four years of proofing for Case Managers means there is no need to explain common acronyms and terminology to us.

Our Case Manager clients have all been through recommendations, a testament to the service and relationships our owner and founder Cathy has built up over the years; it is also important to recognise that Case Managers want to work with someone who 'gets it.' This led Cathy and the memo team to join the IRCM supporters community.

By signing up to the community we are not only able to offer services directly to Case Managers but also assure them that we, like them, are fully committed to upholding the highest standards for clients.

The IRCM website puts it best:

"Our supporters come from across the case management sector but are united in their support of IRCM’s work setting standards for case management and protecting the public. Being a supporter demonstrates a commitment to safeguarding and acting in the best interests of those receiving case management services. All of our supporters have all signed up to our code of conduct for supporters."

If you would like to learn more about how memo can support your Case Management work please contact us today


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