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Curriculum Vitae

memo CV

Allow memo to help take your CV to the next level.

memo can craft opening biographies, proof existing content and advise on formatting and layout.

Our CVs create a powerful first impression. 


Emily Woodward

“Working with Cathy has been fantastic. From our first conversation she understood exactly what I was looking for and more importantly, what I needed. She has completely transformed my CV for the better. I cannot recommend working with Cathy enough!"

Boba Grubic

"Cathy's professionalism helped my 18 year old son get the perfect CV for his much needed first encounter with employment. You feel you're in good hands while Cathy efficiently drafts a concise, clear, and informative first timer's CV. Friendly, confident, and very knowledgeable (especially when targeting specific employers). Thank you Cathy - brilliant outcome and highly recommend to anyone in need of an outstanding CV."

CV Client

"At each interview they have said how good my CV is, so thank you."
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