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Why I absolutely LOVE Semi-Colons. The punctuation of Queens.

If Beyoncé was a type of punctuation, in my mind she would 100% be a semi- colon. Bear with me here I am going somewhere.

A semi-colon in my mind is a flex; it is the only punctuation you choose to use, you never have to use it, therefore it is a levelling up in your writing. It is a punctuation power move!

My students already know this, I am a BIG fan of a semi-colon but here is why, for my other roles, I also love them.

I know some people find them confusing and tend to avoid using them, but semi-colons are an incredibly versatile and powerful punctuation mark.

For starters, semi-colons can help to clarify complex sentences by separating clauses that are related but distinct from each other. This can make sentences more concise and easier to read, which is particularly useful when writing academic papers or professional documents.

Semi-colons can also be used to add emphasis or to create a sense of continuity between related ideas. For example, if you want to list several expanded items that are related to each other but don't want to use commas, semi-colons can be a great alternative. They can help to show that each item is equally important and that they are all part of the same thought or idea.

As a writer, I find that semi-colons give me more freedom to express myself and to create the kind of writing style that I want. They allow me to connect ideas in a way that feels natural, to create a sense of flow and coherence that can be hard to achieve with other punctuation marks.

As a proof-reader, I find that semi-colons can help to catch errors and inconsistencies in writing. By using semi-colons correctly, writers can avoid common mistakes such as run-on sentences and comma splices, which can detract from the overall quality of the writing.

So, if you're not already a fan of semi-colons, I encourage you to give them a try. You might be surprised at how much they can enhance your writing and make it more engaging and effective.

NB: Lots of style guides ask writers to use semi-colons sparingly. Overuse looks cluttered and disrupts flow. Aim for a power move of one or two max per report. Of course, if the style guide says no, don't use them, save them for another type of writing.

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